Offense!!!! Hiding the promises of Jesus.



What is sadly lacking in churches are the teaching of the promises of Jesus. One of the promises not taught is the first one promised in the prayer our Lord taught us. This is offensive to Jesus due to His wanting us to trust in His promises especially in difficult times. It also offends those who trust in Jesus for they are unaware of what Jesus wants for them to have even here on earth.

When we say Our Father which art in Heaven….. We can understand that Jesus is giving His Father to be our Father. This means we can go to Our Father as a dear Father and He regards us as dear children. We can trust that he will give us good gifts. As His full hands supplies the needs of all His creation He knows our needs before we ask and had provided for them. In a world caught up in greed, insecurity, robbery and other sin this is of great comfort.

So much is Father’s love and concern for us He sent Jesus to live the perfect life. Jesus also took the sins of all and had them pinned to the cross with Him. And by His resurrection seals our Justification that we receive through trust in Him.

Thank you Father for your generosity in providing for our every need. Also for the Love you have for sinners that you did not spare Jesus your Son but rather gave Him as the atoning Sacrifice for our sin. Praise to you Lord Jesus for taking our penalty upon yourself and richly providing for us eternal life in Your Name. We worship and glorify You Holy Spirit for giving us sight to see Jesus as our only Lord and Saviour. 

In the Name of Jesus. Amen. †

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